, Volume 283, Issue 1, pp 63-68
Date: 19 Jun 2009

Combinatorial study of thin film metal hydride by prompt gamma activation analysis

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Cold neutron prompt gamma activation analysis (PGAA) was used to determine the mass of hydrogen in Mg hydride thin films with varying hydrogenation times. The results suggest that hydrogenation of the Mg thin films remains unsaturated even after 48 h of treatment, contrary to the indications of inferential hydrogen measurement methods. To demonstrate PGAA as an effective combinatorial methodology for hydride thin films, a continuously varying composition gradient of thin MgyTi(1−y) hydride film with y ranging from 0.65 to 0.94 was prepared and analyzed by both PGAA and instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA). The variation in the molar ratio of Mg, Ti, and H was obtained for nine 5 mm wide segments of the film.