Date: 29 Apr 2012

Approximate damped oscillatory solutions for compound KdV-Burgers equation and their error estimates

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In this paper, we focus on studying approximate solutions of damped oscillatory solutions of the compound KdV-Burgers equation and their error estimates. We employ the theory of planar dynamical systems to study traveling wave solutions of the compound KdV-Burgers equation. We obtain some global phase portraits under different parameter conditions as well as the existence of bounded traveling wave solutions. Furthermore, we investigate the relations between the behavior of bounded traveling wave solutions and the dissipation coefficient r of the equation. We obtain two critical values of r, and find that a bounded traveling wave appears as a kink profile solitary wave if |r| is greater than or equal to some critical value, while it appears as a damped oscillatory wave if |r| is less than some critical value. By means of analysis and the undetermined coefficients method, we find that the compound KdV-Burgers equation only has three kinds of bell profile solitary wave solutions without dissipation. Based on the above discussions and according to the evolution relations of orbits in the global phase portraits, we obtain all approximate damped oscillatory solutions by using the undetermined coefficients method. Finally, using the homogenization principle, we establish the integral equations reflecting the relations between exact solutions and approximate solutions of damped oscillatory solutions. Moreover, we also give the error estimates for these approximate solutions.