, Volume 51, Issue 2 Supplement, pp 27-30
Date: 26 Apr 2012

Functional foods/ingredients and periodontal diseases

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Periodontal diseases are a collection of inflammatory processes that affect the periodontium, that is, the teeth supporting tissues. Gingivitis (infected red swollen and easily bleeding gums) is a mild reversible form of periodontal disease. Almost 100% of the population suffers from time to time from gingivitis. Gingivitis can develop into periodontitis, which is a chronic inflammatory disease of the supporting tissues of the teeth [34]. In conjunction with red, swollen gums that easily bleed as a result of the disease, teeth may show exposed root surfaces and often dental radiographs reveal periodontal (alveolar) bone loss around the teeth due to the inflammation process; teeth will become mobile and migrate and will eventually exfoliate.

Patients with periodontitis may have bad breath, suffer from important subjective and objective esthetic problems and experience problems with chewing due to tooth mobility and loss of teeth. Dental professionals provide labor-intensive treatment to ...

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