, Volume 31, Issue 7-8, pp 307-319

The amino acid sequence of the alpha subunit of mouse salivary androgen-binding protein (ABP), with a comparison to the partial sequence of the beta subunit and to other ligand-binding proteins

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It has been suggested that three distinct genes,Abpa, Abpb, andAbpg, determine the three subunits of mouse salivary androgen-binding protein (ABP) (Dlouhy, S. R.,et al., Genetics 115, 535, 1987). We report the putative amino acid sequence of the subunit common to all forms of ABP, the Alpha subunit, and the partial amino acid sequence of the Beta subunit. These sequences have little in common, supporting the notion of at least two distinct genes coding for the subunits of the most common form of salivary ABP, the A:B dimer. A search of GenBank showed that these sequences have not been reported previously. The Beta subunit shows significant homology with helospectin, a member of the glucagon superfamily, but not enough homology to assign it to the family. No homology exists between ABP subunits and members of the ligand-binding carrier family of proteins nor does ABP show homology with other androgen-binding proteins. Particularly interesting is the observation that there is no relationship to rat prostatic steroid binding protein (PBP), given the similarities in protein tertiary structure, the numbers of subunits and their genes, and the earlier observation of ABP cross-reactive material in mouse prostate.