Acta Applicandae Mathematica

, Volume 93, Issue 1, pp 33–55

Polynomial Basis Multiplication over GF(2m)


    • Electronics Engineering DepartmentGebze Institute of Technology
  • Tuğrul Yanık
    • Computer Engineering DepartmentFatih University
  • Çetin K. Koç
    • Information Security Research CenterIstanbul Commerce University

DOI: 10.1007/s10440-006-9047-0

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Erdem, S.S., Yanık, T. & Koç, Ç.K. Acta Appl Math (2006) 93: 33. doi:10.1007/s10440-006-9047-0


In this paper, we describe, analyze and compare various \(GF(2^m)\) multipliers. Particularly, we investigate the standard modular multiplication, the Montgomery multiplication, and the matrix–vector multiplication techniques.

Mathematics Subject Classifications (2000)


Key words

finite fieldsbinary fieldscomputer arithmeticmodular multiplicationmodular reduction

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